Blastoo Reviews 2015

Blastoo Reviews 2015 – my review of the Blastoo facebook marketing software.

If you are looking for a great Facebook marketing application, then Blastoo is the best option for you. This is a new facebook marketing app that offers the easiest and fastest way to boost your traffic. It is designed in the format of an online command center that has a lot of tools needed to bring the amount of traffic you need to get from Facebook. If you want to boost your traffic, but you are wondering whether to purchase it or not, this is an unbiased and detailed Blastoo review that will make you understand why it is the best.

Blastoo Facebook Software

What is included

Blastoo system offers several features and tools required to start getting high amount of viral traffic from the most popular social site in the world. There are more than ten features you get, but here I only look at just a few that are very important and unique.

Leads manager

This is a great feature that helps you develop an email list as you continue boosting your traffic. With this feature, you have the opportunity to view, organize, manage and export all the leads you collect.

Rewards generator

Reward generator is a tool that assists you to set up all your marketing campaigns on facebook. Each new campaign you develop is called a reward. The main purpose of the rewards is to create custom stories that are posted on the timelines of your webpage visitors. This happens when they perform a specified click-able action.

Campaign statistics

This is a detailed feature that provides you all the information you need to understand about the different campaigns that you are currently running and those that have already been completed.

Countdown timers

Blastoo has many pre-configured timers that provide your webpage visitors a sense of urgency, so you can increase your conversions. All you need to do is to insert one of them into your reward template and watch how it brings fast results.


By using Blastoo, you can expect to get many benefits that you may not get from other apps. Here are some of the major benefits.

· This is a Facebooking marketing app that works effectively for both beginners and experienced internet marketing marketers who are looking to increase traffic from Facebook to their sites.

· It boosts the ROI of the online marketing strategies that you use.

· High level and exceptional customer support.

· It creates viral custom stories spontaneously on your webpage visitors’ Facebook timelines when they carry out some actions.

· Blastoo is user friendly, making it easy to use for starters.


In case you are not sure how you can boost the amount of traffic on your Facebook, I highly recommend Blastoo to you. This is out of my own personal experience after using it and realized increased traffic without putting a lot of efforts or wasting a lot of time. With my experience, I give the app 5/5 rating. Everything discussed in this detailed Blastoo review is true, so you can trust it. Try it to confirm by yourself and you will not regret.

Hostgator Coupons 2016

Hostgator Coupons 2016 – get hostgator webhosting for 90% off with this hostgator coupon 2016.

Enter the coupon HGBAYOU1CENT at checkout to take advantage of 1 penny hostgator hosting for 2016.

Hostgator Coupon 2016

Hostgator is one of the top providers of dedicated, shared, VPS and reseller website hosting. It has its headquarters in Houston and Austin cities, both in Texas. It was founded in October 22, 2002 by Brent Oxley. It achieved its first 100 customers on February 1st 2003. On June 29th 2006, Hostgator opened an office in Toronto, Canada. This was its first step across borders. The company also expanded to include Brazil. It opened an office in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina and this marked its first one South of the Equator. The company grew and provided its hosting services until it achieved considerable success. On may 4th 2007, it published its first blog post. This was titled ‘Welcome to Gator Crossing’. Ever since, the Hostgator blog is known as Gator Crossing. 6 years after inception, Hostgator reached 100,000 customers in mid 2008. Hostgator had become one of the world’s premier web hosting services. They have a variety of features that make it so attractive. Read on to discover more.

Features in Hostgator

One of the most attractive features of Hostgator is its affordable prices. Advanced webmasters can also make use of the variety of tools that Hostgator provides. It also has a high quality Virtual Private Server (VPS) that you can register for and use. There are a variety of packages for website hosting as well as server plans if you want to register and use a server. The server plans are available as dedicated or shared. These plans are better than most that are offered by other web hosting services on the Internet. They are so good that Hostgator has been awarded the PCMag Editor’s Choice in the categories of shared and dedicated servers.

In its shared web hosting plans, you can pay for your hosting one month at a time as you use the domain. However, Hostgator strongly encourages you to register for long terms starting at 6 months. After registering for this period, the sign up process automatically registers you for a three year domain term. Registering for shared web hosting in Hostgator is a long term investment.

Hostgator web hosting plans for businesses

It has shared web hosting that is best suited for small and medium size companies. This is because the plans that it has for these allows them to grow their online footprints. One of these plans is known as the Hatchling plan. It begins at a cost of $7.17 per month. In this plan, the business can benefit from unlimited storage space, databases with bandwidth characteristics as well as a number of email addresses. It also can support a single domain as well as third party applications. Examples of these applications are e-commerce platforms and management systems for content.

After this one, one can register for the Baby plan. It begins at a cost of $7.96 per month. It improves upon the Hatchling plan by allowing one to register as many domains as one wants to. This is great for a business that is in its growth stage. For a fully fledged business, the applicable plan is the top-tier plan Business plan on host gator. It begins at a price of $11.96 every month. For this price, you get all the features of the other plans as well as a free toll-free number for the business as well as a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. Hostgator is an ideal website for web hosting.

Hostgator Coupons June 2015

Hostgator Coupons June 2015 – Save 70%+ with these June Hostgator discounts.

HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator is one of the world’s leading web hosts. It was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley, while he was sitting in his college dorm room. It is now owned by Endurance International Group, who also owns other well-known web hosts, such as FatCow and HostMonster. So what sets HostGator apart and makes it one of the best? Let’s take a look!


Special Discounts

HostGator offers the best online hosting discounts. It goes above and beyond the official promo code, which offers a 20 percent discount, and it goes beyond charging a mere one cent for your first month of hosting. In addition to these, HostGator also has an exclusive discount code that it supplies to a small group of HostGator partners. Getting this discount code from one of these third-party partners will give you a whopping 25%-30% discount!

HostGator Plans

Not only does HostGator offer three different discounts; they offer three different hosting plans, two of which are shared and one that is private. These plans are as follows:

Hatchling Plan: Starting at $3.96 per month, the Hatchling Plan is ideal for the individual who wants to host one domain. It comes with a single domain, a shared SSL certificate, and unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Baby Plan: Starting at $6.36 per month, the Baby Plan offers the same as the Hatchling Plan, except that you can host unlimited domains.

Business Plan: Starting at $10.36 per month, the Business Plan offers the greatest amount of flexibility. It includes unlimited domains, bandwidth, and disk space, as well as incredible hosting features, such as a free private SSL, a free IP, and a free toll free number.

Not only are the plans reasonably priced, but upgrading is free and easy. All you have to do is fill out their upgrading form and the HostGator techs will do the rest. Because it is free and so easy to upgrade, unless you are certain you need the Business Plan, it is best to start with a lower plan, either Hatchling or Baby, and move up only if you need to.

Best Features of HostGator

There are a lot of good features that come with HostGator. First off, they are experienced, having been in the web hosting business for 13 years. Aside from that, they offer:
• Easy growth among plans
• A business hosting plan that is affordable
• Eco-friendly web hosting
• 99% uptime
• 24/7 live support
• A 45-day money-back guarantee

Another bonus with HostGator is that if you currently use another web host and want to switch to HostGator, HostGator has a Migration Team that is standing by to help make your transition as smooth as possible. They will optimize and configure your website to the HostGator platform and they will also take care of transferring domain registrations.

It is clear that over the years, HostGator has remained one of the top web hosts available. With their reasonable prices, excellent hosting plans, incredible discounts, and superior uptime HostGator is worthy of the reputation they have developed as a top of the line web host in the 21st century.

Hostgator 1 Cent Coupons 2016

Hostgator 1 cent Coupons 2016 – get 80% off your Hostgator plan using these Hostgator Coupons for 2016.

HostGator is the best webhosting service on the market when it comes to quality for the price you’re paying. Other than the pay as you go plan, HostGator offers three basic plans. The Hatchling Plan, the Baby Plan, and the Business Plan. Each package offers outstanding features expected of HostGator. But sometimes it is hard to decide which plan is right for you. This article will review each of the packages and help make the decision simpler.

Hostgator 1 cent coupons 2016

The Hostgator Hatchling Plan, at $2.78 per month, is great for people who want the basics out of a website. With HostGator, you get the most out of this basic package, unlike other websites that would give you next to nothing for the money you spend. With the Hatchling Plan, you get free, instant setup with unlimited disk space and bandwidth for one domain name. It also includes 24/7 live support and their famous 99.9% Uptime guarantee. In addition to this, HostGator is so confident that you’ll enjoy your website, that you can get a 45 day money back guarantee with no long term contracts. As if that wasn’t enough, with this plan, you also get a $100 Google Adwords credit when you spend $25 promoting your website to search engines. With this plan you also get all control panel and webmail features that HostGator is known for. It also works with nearly all supported webhosting features like WordPress hosting and MySQL Databases. The Hatchling Plan is a great starter package from HostGator that’s quality can’t be matched elsewhere.

The next plan offered by HostGator is the Baby Plan. The Baby Plan, at $3.98 per month, includes everything listed under the Hatchling Plan, plus more. For a small monthly fee, you can even add your own dedicated IP address for your website. Your own private SSL is allowed for free also. The Baby Plan is a small step ahead of the Hatchling Plan, for those who want a little more from their HostGator website, or website(s), considering with this plan, you can have unlimited domains.

The last plan, the most impressive of all, is the Business Plan. For $5.98 per month, you get every single feature there is to offer from HostGator. Not only do you get every service provided under both the Hatchling and the Baby Plans, but you also get services exclusive to the Business Plan. For instance, you get a free dedicated IP address and your own toll-free telephone number. You also get unlimited addon and parked domains for your website with the Business Plan. This plan is ideal for the businessperson looking to take their website to the next level.

It’s no surprise that HostGator is one of the most popular webhosting services available to businesses today. Its Hatchling, Baby, and Business Plans are affordable and offer the best features obtainable through HostGator. Overall, this service gets a 5/5 star rating for its dependable quality and service across the board and throughout all of its plans. Be assured that your business’s website will have a professional look and function when using any of the HostGator packages.