HCG Drops effects on teens

Definitely everyone in the age group of 13 to 19 which is called as the teenage is likely to show more interest on their bodily structure. This is because of the craze that they get on the perfect body by watching the movies and the other teens getting ready in the trendiest dresses. Not everyone would be able to fit into those trendy dresses because of which they wish to reduce their weight. However, it is advisable that they use the HCG drops depending on the facts that are revealed in the hcg drops reviews where people would have posted any of the effects that are seen on the teens for using the drops.

Let us look at the various effects that are caused on the teens with the use of these drops. Headache is the most common problem that is reported by the individuals during the first week of the low calorie diet that is followed for taking these drops. However, this effect is not a major thing as children or teens usually get headaches once in a while. Any simple medication that can reduce the headache can be used. Mild Dizziness, this is the main problem for the teens as they may have to attend the classes at the college or school where they are studying. With the dizziness it is possible that they could not concentrate in classes. This would result in the poor performance in exams due to which the results may not be as expected by their parents.


Constipation is the other problems which both the teens and the adults are likely to suffer with. While this is not something serious to break your head as with the low calorie diet, it is really tough to expect stool every day. You may want some few more days and on seeing the problem is still continued then the best thing to do is use a kind of mild sugar free laxative. You may have to check with the doctor before taking it so that you should not end up suffering with some other side effects.

Rashes are also likely to be created in the teens using them with the well understood concept of the fat being melt down very easily by the hcg drops, the toxins that are left in the body would be the root cause for the rashes that are formed on the body. The toxins are usually released when the body starts accumulating the fat. As the fat melts down the toxins are left out due to which rashes are formed on the skin.

Apart from the above mentioned regular side effects some children depending on their biological history might have some allergies due to which using the hcg would have resulted in reactivating the allergies present in the body. So be very careful at the time of using these drops on your children for making them look, rather advise them for a better course of exercise or yoga that would give them good structure and good health as well.

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Why weight loss pills are bad when compared to HCG drops?

How do you think people realize that they have put on weight? It is when they want to wear the wardrobe that they bought a few years back but were not able to fit into them that the people realize that they have put on weight. Also, it is when the friends and family members compliment that they have put on weight that they think of plans of reducing the weight back to normal so that no side effects of the increased weight is seen on them.

However, even before analyzing the reasons for their weight getting increased people would just want to make the difference for the next event so as to encounter the words that are spoken out by their friends or family members in the previous event where all of them have joined together.  If they would have keenly observed or done analysis on their daily activities, it would clearly show them where exactly they are doing the mistakes in taking care of health which is resulting in the increased weight. Than addressing the root cause, it would truly wrong to go with the pills that promise you weight loss.

Though the pills might show positive signs of reducing the body weight it is also possible that they have a certain negative impact on the people using them. The first problem that is noticed is the increased gas or acidity formation in the stomach. Also, some people who are not very much used to the diet plans or else have not tried any of the powerful medication for reducing their health problems, then there are chances of diarrhea in people using the diet pills.


Apart from this certain drugs are likely to mix into the blood in high proportion due to which the blood pressured tends to be fluctuating and thus resulting in the highest blood pressure situations. In general few people would feel tired because of hectic work schedule, but yet few people who literally have no work at office also would tend to be appearing restlessness and nervousness because of the use of the diet pills.

Women have often made complaints about losing their hair when they use lower quality diet pills. Along with losing hair it is also possible that they also end up with urinary problems which is very much high only in women. Thus, all the reasons that would reflect the negative impact of using diet pills would definitely addressed by the HCG drops as it is the hormonal impact that is seen on the body which is really harmless when considered for long term benefits.

After knowing the big list of bad results of using the weight loss pills it is good that one refrains from buying the regular diet pills, rather can try the HCG diet pills that would prove to be harmless.

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How HCG drops have created increased awareness of weight loss in USA?

Once people assumed that the zero size is meant only for the celebrities like the movie actors and actresses it has now become quite popular across the world. Especially people in the USA are very much interested in keeping their body weight as low as possible. Some people are also using the height versus weight chart to keep themselves motivated in keeping their body in apt size. While people who have not put up weight are trying to control it, people who have already gone to the advanced stage of accumulating fat in their body are trying to find out ways of reducing the fat content in their body.

As the people there are smart, you should by now be able to understand what sort of means they would have chosen to reduce their weight. They better rely on the natural hormone that is formed in the body of a woman during pregnancy, which helps them reduce the weight to a major extent. It is after this hormone came into light that the HCG drops came into existence. The craze that is created in the human heart for them would never be lost until they are able to reduce their weight with these drops.

Even if people would have followed enough diet control plans like the taking the ultra low calorie diet that is likely to fill their stomach still people would not have been able to set their metabolic rate as the reduction in calories might be assumed by the body as though the body is in starvation mode and hence would try to store the fat in each and every part of the body that is likely to hold this faith. In order to increase the metabolism rate you might have to do lot many exercises or kind of which may not be truly effective until you follow it for a certain period of time.

So finally the HCG drops, which when used by the individuals is likely to increase the metabolism rate in the body that helps reduce the weight slowly. People who are worried about getting all sorts of chronic problems like the knee pains because of the entire body weight that falls on these knees while walking or sitting or standing and so on. Knee pains are just an example of the problems caused by the heavy weight in people. This is why people in the USA have realized the importance of reducing their weight to the nearest number that matches with their height.

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Increased awareness of weight loss in USA

Obesity is a major concern all across the U.S. The kids of today’s generation are exposed to such high levels of junk and unhealthy food that it has caused their weight to increase exponentially. What has caused this problem to escalate is the fact that even school lunches have started incorporating unhealthy food in their menus.

Why use HCG drops?

There are plenty of reasons as to why HCG is necessary, be it for kids or for adults. Through this article, we shall learn few needs of such drops in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • The urgent need to get kids healthy


Parents and teachers across the US have started realizing that their kids are no longer healthy. Doctors are reporting huge spurts in ailments connected to childhood obesity. Issues like breathlessness as well as weak hearts are now frightening reality in children as young as 10-12 years old.  As a result, in their efforts to get their children healthy, many parents are turning to HCG weight loss drops.

  • Can be used in kids without side-effects.

Now we all know that when it comes to drugs and medicines for kids, we have to make sure that they have absolute zero side effects. This is where HCG has a huge advantage. You see, kids have already been exposed to HCG before their birth. HCG is actually the hormone produced by the body to generate energy for the mother and baby during pregnancy. Hence the kid’s body knows that this hormone is not a foreign organism and thus makes it easier for the HCG weight loss drops to work.

  • Even adults can use it safely.

Since it is derived from a human hormone, this course of treatment can work easily on adults also. Yes, today’s adults in the US are touching the limits of morbid obesity. This type of obesity is referred to as the danger zone because it puts strain on every single part of the body. Today, more adults are dying of sudden cardiac arrests than over a decade ago and even 5 years ago.  Hence, products derived from HCG are seen as a huge boon.

Along with the hcg drops, it is important to change your diet to a low calorie one. At the same time, you should also check what is the best way to ingest HCG for an individual’s condition? You can have the same delivered via injections or HCG weight loss drops. The decision on this will be taken by the doctor treating you for obesity. Remember to follow his advice exactly and you and your kids will get back the energy lost along the way.

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HCG Diet drops meal

Did your doctor ask you to go for immediate weight reduction? Does he keep using the word HCG diet drops meal a number of times in the conversation? So, what exactly is he talking about? Well, the doctor is referring to published material on hcg drops reviews which lays out exactly what this meal is all about.

There are three stages included in this meal, let us have a quick glance at each of them and understand them.

  • In stage one, the aim is to get the body to get used to how HCG works, hence in this stage, doctors prescribe a meal filled with fatty foods. Now this may seem strange, but this is done to give the body enough energy to help sustain the action initiated by HCG.  Once you start taking HCG drops, the major aim is to get rid of all the stored fuel. Hence, the fatty foods will help provide a constant source of energy to the body. However, this is only for the first two days.
  • In stage two, the period lasts from day three right up to twenty six to forty days depending on how much weight was required to be lost. As per the information printed under the HCG drops reviews, this is usually the maintenance part where the individual has to sustain a calorie intake of five hundred calories per day. Again while this may seem high, this is actually on the lower scale of calorie intake. People have been known to lose huge amounts of weight during this phase. One suggestion printed in the reviews is the fact that people should have a high intake of water in this phase. Also the last three days of this stage should be without taking any HCG drops.
  • The final stage is called as maintaining. This goes on for a period of three weeks. Once you have burned your weight in stage two, the final three weeks requires you to abstain from any foods made from starch and sugar. This is done to help your body stabilize after such a long period of intense loss of fat. Some HCG drops reviews also recommend that you can skip a meal if you notice any type of weight gain in this process. You should also check with your doctor on how and when to stop taking the drops.

Remember that the HCG diet is one of the best weight loss programs. However, you have to follow it correctly to get any benefits. Also, it is important to consult your doctor if you are diabetic or going through some major illness, this will help you in staying away from major serious problems.

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HCG Drops VS Injections – Which Should You Use?

HCG is one of the most dependable companies in relation to weight loss. Many people are getting fascinated and have shown interest for availing the weight loss services offered by them. One of the major concerns of the prospective purchaser of the service is that whether they should use the homeopathic HCG drops or they should reduce their weight by injecting vaccination into the body. The question asked is which one is most effective in reducing weight. There are different views by different expert in this field; some support the view of inserting injection, while other prefer to intake drops.

Argument in support of injection

When we talk about HCG injection one has to keep this in mind that injection has been used since 1950’s, and many of the specialist in this field are of the opinion that injection is the only way to take HCG successfully. The reason stated for the above preference is that HCG drops, are not effective because they cannot be absorbed by the tissues present in the mouth and hence the drops are unable to reach the blood flow, as oral consumption does not serve the purpose as oral mucosa which are present in the jaws is unable to detect the drops.

In order to produce result by using injection, one has to inject it in the appropriate way that is vaccination should be injected in the upper stratum of fat present in your stomach, review of these people who have gone through this process of treatment mention that it is a painless procedure yet an effective one. One of the foremost points to bear in mind is, while purchasing HCG injection; it has to be acquired from a branded and trustworthy company, which has stock of pure and original HCG injection because products of low quality are also available in the market.

Statistic and results points out that injection can assist people in losing weight at a speedy rate than drops, study of 500 patients who were on HCG diet revealed that drops cannot captivate or observe in the body. The experts have suggested that those who are interested in losing weight should quit using drops and start injection, as it provides quicker result.

HCG diets have been prepared and developed for interested people, which is extensively being followed by lots of people. Diet is a combination of consumption of a very less calorie, supposedly 500 calories every day.  When your body is hungry or is at a starvation mode, there are number of muscles and fats which are broken down. This leads to reducing weight, if you carefully go through any weight loss program, one thing common in all is that 20-25% of credence or weight reduction is by breaking down muscles.


Argument in support of HCG drops

Some are of the view that drops are more conveniently used compared to injection, where needle is in fact inserted in your body and liquids are passed through the skin, this can be harassing and at the same time painful for the person. Some of the injection is perforated in your thigh which is not only painful but it can result in impermanent, noticeable mark. The drops though complained by certain people, that it has to be consumed three or six drops on daily basis which is harassing and there are possibilities that the person might forget this due to his/her busy schedule. But when it is compared to the injection, it is much better as it’s neither painful and leaves no visible mark on your body.



At the end, one eminent matter that has to be observed is that the HCG diet necessitates dedication, whether you undergo any form of treatment to lose weight, either injection or HCG drops, it is very important to follow a proper diet in order to get immediate result. Instant result further helps in continuing the observance of the diet and the program. One can purchase these diets and follow it in their leisure time, with privacy as well. One warning to all the purchasers of the HCG injections or drops is that low quality product is available in the market of the above service to reduce weight, be careful while purchasing them.

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What are HCG injections?

Of late one topic that we keep hearing about is HCG injections and how good they were. With this in mind, we decided to check out the product for our self.  We looked at it from three different angles and also looked at the safety claims made. The below are three questions which should help any individual understand more about this drug.

  • Why does the body accept HCG?

The first and the foremost point is that HCG is never rejected by the body. This is a hormone that occurs naturally in the human body. So how come it never turns up in any health checkup? Well the only time it is produced is when a woman is pregnant. Yes, you heard it correct. The body produces the hormone with one single goal in mind. That goal is to burn all the stored fat and food content to produce energy for mother and baby.  It is this very goal that HCG diet drops and injections aim to replicate.

  • Why is this more effective than others?

As we have mentioned, the aim of the hormone is to produce more energy. This is something that other weight loss products also aim for. However, the other products burn both muscle and fat to generate the energy. Hence more often you will see a loss of muscle content in your body. On the other hand products like hcg drops and injections focus only on the fat and nothing else. The reason is simple. The pregnant woman needs her muscles for delivery.

  • How and why are HCG injections used?

When it comes to intake of HCG, you have three options. The first is an HCG diet, the second option is the HCG diet drops and the third option is the injections. The injections are used as a direct delivery system. Under this process, doctors and physicians directly inject HCG into that part of the body which needs the fat to be eliminated. This is usually used as a last measure when there is an urgent need to eliminate fat from the affected part.

If your doctor has prescribed this treatment for you, you should ensure that you ask him or her about the diet plan to be followed and any other precautions that are needed to be taken. Both the injections and the HCG diet drops are extremely safe and can easily help you lose your target weight.



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HCG Drops effect on teens

During pregnancy, a hormone is produced in your body to protect the embryo. This hormone in scientific terms is known as HCG. The HCG count is very important to detect the pregnancy. In fact, the HCG drops is made by the hormone which is extracted from a pregnant woman’s urine. This drop helps in reducing fats and decreases the appetite of both men and woman. Since these drops are made by a natural hormone produced by the body, they have minimum side effects. But yes, you need to be very careful when taking any dose of the HCG drop whether orally or by means of injection. If you are taking injection, then do so under medical supervision.

Obesity, fatness, over-weighted are few of those terms which you would not like to hear for yourself. But what if you are fat or obese? Or you have no time for rigorous exercise. In such case you can opt for the weight loss drops HCG which are safe and easy to use. And yes, you do not have to do any exercise for it also. The only effort that you will have to take to slim down is maintain a proper diet as given according to the HCG diet plan and you will reach your goal.

Easy way out for teens- lose weight

Very importantly, if you are a teenager you can undergo the diet if and only if you are above the age of 16. As per research, it has been held that HCG drops are not safe for teenagers below the age of 16 because they have yet not achieved the age of puberty. But apart from that, a teenager can undergo the HCG diet plan and can take HCG drops to lose the extra weight, but prior recommendation of a doctor is a must. Few points must be kept in mind when HCG drops are given to teens:

  • The teenager must strictly follow the 500 calorie diet plan.
  • The dose taken must be as prescribed, over or under dosage may be harmful and can lead to side effects.
  • Over exertion or rigorous exercise must be avoided. In case the teenager is involved in sports, then extra protein must be provided in such days.

500 calorie diet plan


As mentioned above, a strict diet plan of 500 calorie has to be maintained if you are using the HCG drops to reduce weight. This diet plan consists of various stages which if followed properly will provide the best results.

  1. 1.    Stage 1

In the first stage, you must take the drops as prescribed 3 times a day.  Also, you must take the maximum amount of fatty food that you can intake like butter, cheese, ice cream, nuts, chocolates, cookies etc. Don’t worry; all this fat will be lost in the next stage.

  1. 2.    Stage 2

This is the actual stage where you will lose your maximum weight. This stage which consists of 3 weeks, you can take a diet of proteins, fruits, breads and vegetables. But, this must be maintained and only 2 servings must be taken. Skip taking the drops once a week during the 3 week stage to avoid getting addicted to the HCG drops. Also when the period of 3 weeks is over, you must continue with the low calorie diet for another 3-4 days, but the drops must not be taken.

  1. 3.    Stage 3

During this stage you can resume your old fooding habits but one at a time. It must be taken care that old fooding habits does not include fats, sugar, starch, ice cream, butter etc. at this point of time. Also, every morning, make it a point to weigh yourself; this should be the first thing after you freshen up. In this stage, your body gets stabilized after the low calorie intake in stage 2.

  1. 4.    Stage 4

Congratulations, now after 3 weeks of completion of stage 3, you can resume back to your normal food intake which includes starch, sugars, fats etc. but you must be cautious not to eat too must because it is very easy to put back weight but not so easy to put off.

So, if you are a teen, above the age of 16, then, you can undertake weight loss drops HCG to lose weight the easy way out with just a proper diet plan to maintain.

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Best HCG drops-A great solution for weight loss.

The world today is threatened by global threat- obesity. Not only middle aged men and women suffer from extra fat in their stomach, hips and hands, but even young teenagers suffer from obesity resulting in a de-shaped figure and lack of confidence. The obesity does not only harm their self-esteem, but it also causes a lot of life threatening diseases to the heart. Obesity is also the mother of certain bone related problems in humans, specially certain types of arthritis. None the less you need to understand that obesity is a deadly problem and you have to find a rescue.

HCG drops-A happy solution

Now that we have faced the problem, let’s find a solution to it. Diet and exercise being a lengthy process HCG drops are a great solution. Best HCG drops increases the desire and the rate of your excessive fat loss from your body. HCG drops are normally accompanied with HCG diet, which is a very effective diet. The benefit of the HCG diet over a normal diet is that it allows you to consume much lesser calories ranging to a maximum of 500 calories only. In spite of such a low calorie intake, the benefit with HCG diet is that it does not make you feel weak, and neither hungry. Hence, HCG drops are a very quick and happy solution.

Best HCG drops- A must

While consuming HCG drops, you should always see that you are in taking the best HCG drops available. Many companies offer you HCG drops and claim them to be the best without any side effects. But it is always advisable to do a check for the best.

How do you know it is the best HCG DROPS?


To search for the best is a must. But, how will you understand if it’s really the best. Well, all you must do is to check the ingredients of the HCG drop. Best HCG drops must have the following ingredients:

1. Human Cloronic Gonadotropin:
This is the much talked HCG hormones that releases from the human body. It stops the excessive growth and fat accumulation in the body.

2.  Acetyl L- Carnitine:

This is better than the normal L-Cartinine. This is biologically more available. It helps to transfer fatty acids to the mitochondria where these acids get burned releasing energy. Hence, the energy level of the body remains maintained.

3. L- Arginine:
A semi essential hormone that helps to release essential acids. It also helps to control the blood sugar level in the body. Since the blood sugar level is maintained body protein is essentially made. Therefore, it is very effective in preventing acute illness resulting in an increase of blood flow and oxygen level.

4. L-Ornitine:
A better form of amino acid, increasing the effect of L-Arginine. It is very useful in producing the growth hormone resulting in burning extra fat. This can provide you a healthy skin and young look.

Hence, it can be said that best HCG drops are a great solution for body weight loss.




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